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У Ромы Воронежского возникла идея каким нибудь образом отмечать, что ссылка, ведущая на другой сайт откроется в новом окне. Для него я модифицировал скрипт tooltips и по моему получилось супер...

Есть один недостаток, если пойдеш по ссылке, то вернувшись обратно картинка окна не пропадает... если читаете ети строки, значит еще не исправил ;-)

Тескт внизу - "рыба" (изучение русского языка ямно идет мне на пользу ;-) взят из JavaScript Reference




In this TechNote, we will explore the new JavaScript event handlers for Navigator 4.X. After a brief overview, we will give you examples of each event handler so that you know how to use them to create interactive web pages. The TechNote assumes that you know HTML and have some JavaScript experience.


Navigator 4.0 supports a new version of JavaScript (version 1.2). This version has many new features, especially in the area of event handling. New event handlers have been added to those supported in earlier versions of JavaScript. Moreover, there is an event object. With this object, it is possible to capture and handle events before they reach their default target.

What are events? Events occur as the result of an user action. For example, clicking a button is an event, as is changing a text field or moving the mouse over a hyperlink. You can define event handlers, such as onChange and onClick, to make your script react to events. This TechNote, we will include examples of how to use the new JavaScript 1.2 events in your web pages.